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Online donation form (single donation)

Online donation form (monthly donation)

Make a bequest for the homeless

Make your generosity live on after you!
You can assist the homeless by supporting the work of Samusocial in your will. 

What type of bequest to choose?

  • Universal legacy:you bequeath all your property to a person or to Samusocial.
  • Legacy by universal title:you divide your assets between different legatees (e.g. 1/3 to Peter, 1/3 to Mary and 1/3 to the Samusocial).
  • Specific legacy:you decide that a particular asset (a piano, a piece of jewellery, a sum of money) should go to Samusocial.

NB: The different legacies listed above can be combined.

What type of will?

  • The public will:deed drawn up by the notary in the presence of two witnesses. It is the safest will in terms of conservation.
  • The holographic will:written by you by hand, dated and signed by you (not word processed). You can change it whenever you want, but there is the risk that it may not be found when you die. Ideally, it is given to a notary for proofreading and registration in the register of wills (CRT).

Scale of inheritance tax paid by the Samusocial: 
The fees are set by the Region where the testator’s last effective domicile was (last 5 years of life).

  • If domiciled in Brussels: from 6.6% to 12.5%
  • If domiciled in Wallonia: 7%
  • If domiciled in Flanders: 8.5%

Dual legacies: 
All the necessary information can be found at

How else can you help Samusocial?

  • A one-off or monthly donation by bank transfer via our account BE04 0000 0000 3131
  • Life insurance to our benefit: you can designate Samusocial as the beneficiary of your life insurance. The inheritance duties for the Samusocial will be at the same rate as for a legacy. Do not forget to inform your insurer in order to adapt your life insurance policy accordingly – writing it in a will is not sufficient.
  • A donation: you can donate objects to Samusocial during your lifetime.


How do I draw up a will? all the necessary information can be found on the site of, under the heading “drawing up a will.”

Would you like to name Samusocial as a beneficiary in your will? Identify our association as follows: New Samusocial asbl, Boulevard Poincaré 68-70, 1000 Brussels, Company number: BE 0723 631 678

For any questions, please contact Christine Rousseau:

Make a donation in kind


We are in constant need of blankets (please note: no duvets/quilts), hygiene products (in large quantities only) and nursing equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, etc.).
You can drop off these donations at any time at our reception centre located at Rue du Petit Rempart 5 in 1000 Brussels or contact us.

Clothing donations

Unfortunately we are unable to accept clothes directly at our premises. We have neither the space nor the logistics to collect and sort them.

Please contact our partner “Solidarité Grands Froids” ,which collects and sorts donations for Samusocial ( – +32(0)477 33 85 47).


Samusocial has chosen not to work with volunteers for the reception, supervision and monitoring of people. This is done by experienced/qualified people who are regularly committed.
We are looking for volunteers on an ad-hoc basis to set up or fit out our accommodation centres (installation of beds, painting of rooms and communal areas, etc.).

For any offer of support, please contact

Support us? YES!

Thanks to your solidarity, you are allowing us to increase our capability to come to the aid of homeless people.  Your support is essential to enable us to continue to help these women, men and families with children who must rely on services like ours to meet their basic needs.

By opting for monthly support, you help the Samusocial of Brussels to project its action into the future and thus develop projects, depending on the regularity of your contribution.


*The New Samusocial has tax approval for all donations made from I January 2021 onwards, for €40 per year or above. Your donations are 45% tax deductible. 



Support Samusocial and become a partner through your company. Engaging your company means:

  • Helping people in distress on the streets of Brussels
  • Demonstrating your conscience, social responsibility and moral values to consumers
  • Benefiting from a tax deduction
  • A tailor-made, original and mutually enriching collaboration between our organisations


Would you like to get your company involved in helping the homeless? Contact 



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